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Looking for a real estate software development company with relevant expertise? At MindK, we've built a number of projects that help companies in the real estate and construction industries digitalize their operations and serve their customers better.

Software development real estate – improve efficiency, speed up your workflow, stay organized

In real estate and construction, you need software to automate marketing, sales, HR, production, management, and more. Off-the-shelf apps may help you address some issues. But most often, they end up introducing more problems. With our real estate software development, you get a tailored solution that addresses your unique challenges, like some of these below:

Streamline property management

Automate buying and leasing experience

Manage relationships with employees, vendors, and clients

Integrate with your existing enterprise solutions

Property management

Develop property management software that provides tools to track leases, manage residents, streamline home maintenance tasks, collect rent, manage finances, store and share documents, and more.

Property buying and selling

Build your own marketplace that connects property owners, real estate agents, and home buyers. We can help you build a website or an app that provides home search and listings of properties for sale and for rent.

Real estate crowdfunding

Make it possible for individuals and companies to raise capital for real estate projects. We can incorporate a vetting system to make sure any deals offered on your crowdfunding platform have been rigorously evaluated.

Vendor management

Build a vendor management system to help property and apartment managers pick the right vendors, control spend, and get better visibility into their vendors’ performance and deliverables.

Real estate valuation

Develop tools that make it easy to estimate the value of properties. We can integrate machine learning algorithms that learn from statistical data and consider location, size, and a number of rooms to accurately price the property.

Third-party integrations

Improve efficiency by integrating back-office systems with your real estate software. We have a lot of experience connecting accounting, sales, compliance management, and ERP systems with custom software.

Real estate is a legacy industry. But you can change that

Here are some benefits you get from building real estate software with MindK.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Custom workflows
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Data security and compliance
  • High performance
  • Responsive on mobile
  • Continuous delivery and automation
  • Integrations with other systems

Selected case studies

Look at our key showcases of the systems we've built for our clients in the real estate and construction industries.

Digitalizing the homebuilding process

How do you streamline order management in construction?
The challenge

Mestergruppen is one of Norway's largest players in the building materials industry. Real estate development is one of their business areas. Mestergruppen builds around 3,500 new houses a year. They needed a convenient system to digitalize their order management process.

The solution

We helped Mestergruppen develop software that allows their customers to place an order, select building materials, and equipment, and send orders to suppliers. It integrates with Salesforce, Cloudinary, and BankID, and combines order management and reporting functionality.

Developing a SaaS platform for the construction industry

How do you manage the entire supply chain in construction?
The challenge

Harrison Publishing House is the pricing and product information provider for the HVAC, Plumbing, and Mechanical Trades. To carry their company forward, they needed to digitalize hundreds of catalogs from manufacturers and synchronize all construction project participants on one platform.

The solution

We built CINX, a complex cloud-based system where construction companies can manage their employees and clients, store catalogs of material content, transfer data from other systems, and fulfill orders. It offers more than 20 integrations including Autodesk and Quickbooks and can process over 25 million items with related content from companies' private catalogs.

Simplifying supply procurement process for property managers

How do you pick the right vendors and save money on orders?
The challenge

Terra Financial Solutions is a New York-based company that provides financial services to property managers. They discovered that their clients often struggle when it comes to buying supplies for their properties. The prices for appliances differ depending on the vendor and there is no easy way to manage the purchasing process.

The solution

Our team built an online marketplace where property managers can find everything they need, from appliances to electrical supplies. They can compare prices from multiple vendors, make orders, track shipping, and control spending. With a bidding feature, property managers can set up an auction for their order and let suppliers compete for the lowest price.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend MindK for any web development project...The team possessed the coding skills required, worked well in an agile environment, effectively interacted with our internal data developers, and most importantly took an active interest in the project. MindK takes pride in and responsibility for their work. I continue to count on them for our ongoing web and mobile app development.

David McPhaul

President of Harrison Publishing House

Why MindK

Experts in real estate software development
Deep understanding of MLS and real estate operations
End-to-end product development expertise
Hand-on experience with third-party systems used in real estate

Develop your software with MindK

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does MindK ensure user privacy and data protection, especially in regions with stringent data protection laws like the EU's GDPR?

    We implement robust encryption, secure data handling practices, and automated compliance mechanisms tailored to adhere to data protection laws like GDPR. This involves anonymizing user data, securing data transfers, and providing users with control over their data.

  • What kind of post-launch support and maintenance do you offer?

    We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services post-launch, including regular updates, bug fixes, and security patches. This ensures that real estate software remains functional, secure, and up-to-date.

  • How do you handle legacy system integration when developing new real estate software?

    To integrate legacy systems, we employ middleware and adapters to facilitate communication between new software and older systems. This approach minimizes disruption, ensures data integrity, and maintains operational continuity during the transition to new real estate software solutions.

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