Hire DevOps Engineers

Hire dedicated DevOps engineers experienced in a wide range of technologies and deployment types. Benefit from niche expertise like creating modular Terraform frameworks, implementing GitOps, improving security and HIPAA compliance, optimizing cloud spend, and more.

Why hire DevOps at MindK

With more than 13 years on the market, MindK offers battle-tested DevOps engineers from our pool of in-house experts. Every one of them has gone through extensive training with personal mentors and skill development roadmaps.

  • Superb technical and soft skills

    Only 4 in 100 Middle and Senior candidates have what it takes to join MindK and maintain a perfect track record on our projects.


    Superb technical and soft skills
  • Best homegrown DevOps talent

    Hire experienced DevOps specialists that have been learning and working successfully on MindK projects for 5 years on average.


    Best homegrown DevOps talent
  • Superb communicators & team players

    Our DevOps engineers can easily fit any team. They have hands-on experience of working both in startups and large enterprise projects.

    Superb communicators & team players
  • 85% of the company - Middle and Senior engineers

    We invest in attracting and retaining the best engineers with robust HR processes, training programs, and regular IT events.

    85% of the company - Middle and Senior engineers
  • Agile product mindset

    Our DevOps engineers work in cross-functional teams, communicating daily with other tech specialists and business stakeholders. They are focused on delivering value to the clients. 

    Agile product mindset
  • Security and IP protection

    We’re serious about your intellectual property, security, and user privacy. All our processes follow data privacy standards like GDPR and CCPA.

    Security and IP protection


DevOps engineers at MindK deal with a great variety of projects, technologies, and approaches to give them a well-rounded engineering background.
  • Azure Azure
  • GitLab GitLab
  • Bitbucket Bitbucket
  • Jenkins Jenkins
  • Docker Docker
  • Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Terraform Terraform
  • Helm Helm
  • Docker Compose Docker Compose
  • Prometheus Prometheus
  • Grafana Grafana

Case studies

Here are some of the DevOps projects we’ve completed for our clients.

  • Augmenting the external team with AngularJS and DevOps expertise to speed up the development process

    AISEMO – An intelligent solution for the injection molding industry, Switzerland

    AISEMO provides multiple AI-driven solutions for monitoring injection molding production. By augmenting our client’s team with an experienced DevOps engineer, MindK helped the client:

    • increase their development speed;
    • automate all processes to maintain the infrastructure;
    • provide solutions to support constant AI algorithm upgrades.
  • Rewriting Infrastructure as Code and streamlining the release process

    A mobile bank startup that processes 100+ million payments, EU

    A fast-growing European FinTech hired a DevOps engineer from MindK to rewrite their Infrastructure as Code (IaC). 

    • Made the IaC more readable, logical, and developer-friendly with the help of latest best practices.
    • Moved from local Terraform deployments to an automated GitLab CI/CD pipeline. 
    • Improved the uptime, lowered operational costs, and reduced the change failure rate from 30% to under 10%.
  • Optimizing infrastructure costs and improving scalability

    The reputation management company (USA)

    Our DevOps team helped the client migrate their monolithic application to microservices, set up containerization, and automate CI/CD pipeline. 


    • $14,000 saved on infrastructure costs.
    • Faster and more secure releases.
    • More predictable application behavior.
    • Higher product quality, uptime, availability and scalability.
  • Setting up Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) with DevOps staff augmentation services

    AI-powered spend management platform, Austria

    Yokoy needed a DevOps engineer to help set up a DevOps and cloud division to support its transition from GCP to Azure. MindK presented several profiles. After the perfect match was found, our DevOps professional started working immediately.


    In just six months, our DevOps team re-created all the infrastructure, implemented best practices, developed fully automated deployments, and transferred knowledge to our client’s internal team.


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    Steps to hire DevOps engineers

    Hiring skilled DevOps engineers is easy as pie with MindK.

    Talk to our CTO & Team Augmentation Advisor

    Tell us about your DevOps needs and sign an NDA to protect your IP.

    Review the CV

    Assess the CVs of our in-house engineers that match your requirements.

    Interview the specialists

    Run as many interviews as needed to ensure the perfect fit for the job.

    Start the project

    DevOps experts will immediately start working as a part of your team.

    Ramp your team up or down

    Quickly hire extra engineers or scale down your team when needed.

    We invest
    in people's

    With MindK’s staffing support, you get to work with
    our in-house employees who have passed our internal
    training programs and helped develop dozens of
    software projects. They are mentored and guided by
    our technical leads to ensure high performance and
    quality delivery.

    Developer mentorship program

    To help them grow, each engineer at MindK has a personal mentor, selected for exceptional knowledge, experience, and soft skills.
    Developer mentorship program
    Individual skill development roadmaps created together with a mentor.
    New responsibilities as engineers grow in skills.
    Monthly reviews of progress and challenges.

    Internal training and tech talks

    We help developers learn and acquire new skills by sharing knowledge.
    Internal training and tech talks
    15 internal workshops a year on average.
    Open workshops to share knowledge and promote charitable causes.
    2-3 annual hackathons with challenging problems.
    Company-wide knowledge base and chats for sharing use cases.

    Technical leadership

    Experienced Tech Leads oversee the team performance and code quality for developers during their career until they become Senior developers.
    Technical leadership
    Carry responsibility for the release of all features.
    Help break down the tasks for faster implementation.
    Consult team members during the Sprint planning.
    Ensure a consistent code style across the project.

    Local IT events

    To attract the best talent, we host & organize regular community events:
    Local IT events
    Annual UP2IT conference to discuss the latest tech trends with 400+ attendants and 30+ speakers.
    Annual courses for developers, Project Managers, and DevOps engineers.
    Monthly tech discussions & networking meetups for developers, QAs, PMs, DevOps, and designers.
    Annual student olympiads to bring up the next generation of programmers.
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    • Riccardo Pessina

      Riccardo Pessina

      Head of Operations, Bitrock Srl

      Riccardo Pessina

      One of the best
      partners we had

      MindK provided two senior DevOps engineers to assist in the client's project. We collaborate with various partners but MindK is one of the best in terms of the quality of the profile proposed and time to market. I appreciated the time in replying to our requests and the quality and skill of the resources proposed.

    • Yokoy


      Talent Acquisition Expert, Yokoy


      The workflow was very effective

      «The cloud migration project could be accelerated and we were able to focus on other topics within DevOps and Cloud. The workflow was very effective, the communication went very well and all deadlines were met. There were no issues whatsoever at any time. Their pace, level of service, and quality aren't always easy to find amongst vendors.»

    • Ida Groth

      Ida Groth

      Senior Product Manager, Building Materials Company

      Ida Groth

      and proactiveness

      «It’s so comforting to know that they see the whole picture and take full responsibility. It’s made all of the difference. I was most impressed with their proactiveness.»

    • Jesse Raccio

      Jesse Raccio

      CTO, The Game Band

      Jesse Raccio

      The team is always there to dig in and help

      «I’m happy with MindK’s agility, which relates to their communication. If we need to pivot on something, they’re ready to go in a different direction, and it doesn’t take a lot of energy to move that ship. The team is always there to dig in and help us out when we need to understand anything. Overall, they’re really supportive.»

    • Jordan Crone

      Jordan Crone

      Chief Experience Officer, Melody

      Jordan Crone

      communication flow

      «Our project has been going smoother than I could have imagined... It's the first time I've worked with a dev team a distance away that didn't have major (or any, for that matter) hiccups or have things lost in communication. I wish we could snatch them and make them a part of our team.»

    • Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      Co-Founder, Levels.fyi

      Zaheer Mohiuddin

      This isn't your typical outsourcing shop

      «The quality of work and the interactions with the team felt akin to anyone that I've worked within the Bay Area in technology. MindK's expertise is for real and the bar is high. This isn't your typical outsourcing shop, MindK has top-notch engineers and PMs.»

      Transparent and predictable pricing

      Pay a fixed fee per DevOps engineer, once a month. Enjoy excellent service as we take care of everything else – employee retention, taxes, legal services, and so forth.

      no setup fee

      no project management fee

      pay per month

      How we differ

      We've built a mature DevOps culture that we share with dozens of clients.

      Freelance developers
      Traditional outstaffing companies
      Team scaling on demand
      High security and IP protection
      Homegrown Middle and Senior engineers for your needs
      Technical excellence thanks to internal training, mentorships and knowledge sharing
      Product mindset and practical experience with Agile teams

      Build your dedicated team

      With MindK, you can easily scale your team with additional DevOps experts or hire seasoned engineers that specialize in a variety of technologies.

      Hire a DevOps expert now

      Share the details of your project so that we can provide resources tailored to your requirements.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • When should I hire a DevOps engineer?

        There are a few situations where hiring a DevOps engineer will bring a lot of value to the company. On many projects, developers take care of infrastructure, continuous delivery, and monitoring. As the project grows in size and complexity, these tasks start to take away a lot of time from their main tasks. As a result, your deployments become less stable. At this point, it becomes necessary to hire a dedicated engineer to take care of automation.

        Another common scenario is a larger team that has already implemented infrastructure as code, CI/CD pipelines, and other DevOps best practices. They often have faulty logic and become disarrayed when the DevOps specialist leaves the team. Another possibility is when the project simply becomes too complex for a single engineer. 

      • How much does it cost to hire a devops engineer? What kind of pricing do you offer?

        In 2023, the median salary of a DevOps engineer in the US hovers around $69,4 a year, according to Glassdoor. The national average for DevOps freelance hourly rate is $61/hour. And enterprise-grade DevOps outsourcing agencies like MindK can lend their services for $50-99/hour.

        With MindK, you pay a fixed monthly fee per DevOps engineer for as long as you need. There are no setup and project management fees. 

      • How do you handle differences in time zones?

        All our DevOps engineers have experience working on international projects. To mitigate the time zone difference, we make the most out of the golden hours. This is the time when one team is just starting the work day while the other hasn’t yet left the office. We can also help you hire a nearshore DevOps developer for maximum convenience.

      • Can I rotate a DevOps engineer or cancel the services?

        You can swap a DevOps engineer for another specialist at any time or cancel the service on short notice. Moreover, we offer a one-month probation period for our DevOps engineers. 

      • How to ensure the engineer's CV matches their real skills?

        MindK has a multi-step vetting process that eliminates 96% of candidates based on their technical and soft skills. Those who passed the final interview, go on to work with a perfect track record for 5 years on average. But you don’t have to trust our words. Feel free to run as many interviews as needed and give your own test assignments to ensure the right fit for your company. 

      • How do you ensure your DevOps specialists have good English and soft skills?

        First of all, we’ve implemented a rigorous pre-vetting process to ensure all candidates have good English and soft skills. Our DevOps engineers work daily on international projects, participate in Sprint plannings with clients and demo the projects to stakeholders. This helps them grow soft skills, along with regular English lessons.

        We cultivate four key values in our DevOps engineers:

        • Get things done. We take the initiative to offer solutions instead of passively complaining about problems.
        • Self-management. We don’t hire a boss or two for each project. Our engineers kick themselves up every day to do the job because they know how and why. 
        • Relentless strive for self-realization. Each Mindkicker strives to become a professional in their field on their own initiative, not because they are forced.
        • Positive thinking. Life is all about overcoming challenges and obstacles. A positive attitude helps us solve problems without dwelling on them.
      • How can you protect my intellectual property?

        We recommend our clients sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) even before they share the first details of their project. You can also request an additional Non-Compete Clause that would prohibit us from working for your competitors.

      • What skills does a DevOps engineer need?

        A good DevOps engineer has a wide range of technical and soft skills:

        • Linux and scripting skills.
        • Knowledge of version control systems, containerization, infrastructure orchestration, configuration management, and CI/CD tools.
        • Understanding of cloud computing and major providers.
        • Knowledge of open-source automation tools like Ansible and Terraform.
        • Programming skills in languages such as Python and Bash. 
        • Familiarity with testing, monitoring, and alerting tools.
        • Security skills – code analysis tools like SonarQube; vulnerability analysis, threat investigation, change management, and so on.
        • Soft skills like problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration, self-management, proactiveness, and good English.
      • Is there a minimum term for a contract with MindK?

        There’s no minimum term for a contract when hiring a DevOps consultant at MindK. The minimum term for hiring a dedicated DevOps engineer starts at 3 months

      • Where to find great DevOps engineers? How to hire a DevOps engineer?

        Your first option is to search for DevOps candidates on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, AngelList, and Dice.com. According to LinkedIn, there were over 81K DevOps vacancies in the US at the start of 2023. At the same time, the site shows about 86K DevOps engineers in the US. Most of these people already have cushy jobs, so competition for top talent is as fierce as ever.

        Your second option is to look for DevOps freelancers on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Lastly, you can contact a DevOps outsourcing company like MindK. Just fill out the contact form and our CTO will soon contact you to learn more about your needs. We’ll assess our in-house engineers and send you the CVs of the most relevant specialists in just a couple of days. You can then run as many interviews as you need to ensure they make a perfect fit for your company.  

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