DevOps Consulting and Implementation

A shift to high-speed delivery

3 Ways We Can Help You Grow Faster

Here in MindK, DevOps is a part and parcel of each of the 130+ projects delivered. Wherever your journey starts, chances are we’ve already navigated the territory. As your DevOps assessment services partner, we dive into your business goals and problems, handle all the technical details, and provide ongoing management and optimization so you can focus on your core business.
DevOps  Assessment  

Our DevOps engineers analyze key pain points, draw a road map and recommend tools and processes to automate deployment cycles across your delivery infrastructure.

DevOps Automation

We automate the end-to-end application delivery cycle and ensure that your deployments and rollbacks are performed in a click with risks mitigated and productivity increased.

DevOps Management

We assist a development team 24x7x365 in ensuring a flawless integrated functioning of the delivery pipeline automation cycle and in adapting your automated deployment cycle to changes.

If you are finding it difficult to
scale up your operations, opting for DevOps
assessment services or
outsourcing or hiring a DevOps consultant
is a wise choice. MindK is here to help you out.

The Benefits of DevOps
with MindK

Modern development technologies
Proficiency with key
DevOps tools

We are highly proficient with the DevOps tools and solutions including infrastructure as code software (Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS Cloud Formation, and more) and software for automated deployment (AWS, for instance).

Modern development technologies
Non-stop system

MindK DevOps experts create an infrastructure that keeps your servers monitored 24/7. We continuously track service uptime and stability, as well as handle planned and unplanned maintenance.

Substantial DevOps experience
Substantial DevOps

For over 9 years our DevOps engineers have been helping companies to shift towards SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS business models. With each new project we bring everything we’ve learned to the table, thus implementing mindful strategies and increasing the odds of success.

Clear reporting
A clear view of results

We establish automated monitoring and reporting for performance measurement and visibility. We keep track of system uptime and availability, app response time, resource utilization, database query time and other KPIs to prove the success of your DevOps transformation.

Expertise We Offer

Agile DevOps handles the entire development cycle by automating and monitoring the software development process. Whatever the initial business goal is, with DevOps automation, we help our clients improve business agility and reduce costs. Our DevOps-as-a-service can be used for any application from small digital B2C solutions to large-scale enterprise products.
DevOps assessment and consulting

MindK evaluates your current DevOps framework and draws a detailed roadmap for implementing best practices in the cloud.

CI/CD pipeline implementation

DevOps engineers create a fully automated build-test-release process that fits your unique requirements to reduce risks and accelerate delivery.

System administration

Our experts are on guard in maintaining and monitoring the health of servers and databases, planning and properly responding to system outages and various problems.

Migration to
the cloud

We shift your IT infrastructure to the cloud (AWS, Digital Ocean, Hetzner) to enable reliable hosting with far fewer resources than building and maintaining your own physical infrastructure.

Infrastructure automation

We choose, customize and manage software tools that integrate with your existing environment. Thus, the tools take over a stack of tasks related to provisioning, configuration and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

Custom DevOps development

No matter which platform you’re using, we are able to create custom dashboards, connectors and accelerators to ensure the infrastructure environment is optimally configured for your specific product.

Our Battle-Proven Toolchain

Focusing on tried and tested technologies, we hand-pick a DevOps stack according to client needs and goals. We have a wide range of experience working with popular platforms like Amazon Web Services and even completely custom architectures.
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS CloudFormation
Docker Compose

Need to bring in the expert?

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