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Our back-end development services are not just about making a server, application, and database communicate with each other. It’s about building a product that is meeting market needs and creating an enjoyable user experience that earns your clients loyalty.
Looking for backend web developers for hire?
Discover our approach to a custom application development.

Back-end for your mobile app

Do you have a mobile application that needs user registration, login and syncing of data across multiple devices and platforms? We can deliver a custom back-end solution for your admin panel.

Back-end for your front-end app

Do you have an in-house front-end development team, that is building UI, and you’re looking for someone to support them with developing the back-end part? We’re here to help.

API development

Have a legacy web application that you want to integrate with your other applications or third-parties? Look no further. We’ll develop and deliver API layer for it.

Why Choose Our Back-end Web Development Company

Gain from
our experience

Since 2009, we’ve been delivering complex custom back-end development of web applications such as custom-made CRMs and CRM-like systems, data entry and data management solutions that scale.

working with us

Our outstanding service, led by a PMP-certified Project Management Team, is the key component of our development approach.

API-first Back-end Solutions

If you depend on our skilled development team, you will get expert REST API services as well. API is a general interface for building software that allows multiple apps to interact with one another and use each other’s data, without need for software to be written from scratch. API backend is definitely something from which you can benefit.
Save a great deal of time

An API backend combines numerous development activities that programmers would ordinarily repeat for each OS or mobile device.

Reduce your expenses

With API-first back-end solution there is no need to develop particular mobile backend for various Operating Systems.

Get a scalable application

Due to server statelessness it is simple for engineers to enlarge a REST interface over time.

Increase your brand awareness

With API access your content may be created once and automatically published to other channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or made available for effortless sharing to deliver your information to more customers.

Increase your app’s capabilities

You could be running a more comprehensive database that collects valuable user information every time he or she interacts with platforms your API is integrated.

Get a lot of space for innovations

An open API allows others to create new apps or websites with your technology. Regarding a private API, it could be combined with another business’ to work together in a powerful new way. So, if someone comes up with a bright idea, you can work with them right away.

Our Technology Expertise

Be sure that, if you hire back-end web developers at MindK, you will get the most outstanding results, as our software engineers are constantly at the cutting edge of new technologies and best practices.

One of the most effective PHP frameworks at the moment. A great number of top applications and sites are developed using this framework.

Another leading PHP framework to get your apps and sites done in a professional way. Easy integration with third-party libraries, and supporting unit tests out of the box, allow us to deliver amazing applications fast.

Node.js is an open-source runtime environment that allows us to develop efficient server-side web apps capable of handling a great number of synchronous connections with huge throughput.

MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB are esteemed open-source database management systems. We have the expertise to maintain one datastore or use multiple ones together to solve complex tasks.

ElasticSearch is the number one enterprise search platform with JSON REST API. Solr enables real-time indexing, full-text search, faceted search, hit highlighting, database integration, NoSQL features, etc.

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